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Dog Fancy -- 12 issues

Dedicated to the care and enjoyment of pet dogs. Dog Fancy features articles about canine health, nutrition, behavior and breeding. Each month a specific breed is profiled. In addition, readers are treated to lighthearted stories about real-life dogs and their owners.

Only $1.08 per issue. That is 73% off.

The Pointing Dog Journal -- 7 issues

The only full-color magazine in the world devoted to hunting with pointing dogs: setters, pointers, Brittanys, German shorthairs, versatile breeds, and more. Training, hunting, vet care by the top pros and finest outdoor writers.

Only $3.71 per issue. That is 26% off.

Dog World -- 12 issues

The oldest all-breed dog magazine. It's filled with expert authoritative information on canine health, nutrition, breeding and genetics, training, grooming, showing and more.

Only $2.33 per issue. That is 41% off.

Gun Dog -- 6 issues

North America's only magazine devoted totally and exclusively to the world of upland bird and waterfowl hunters and their dogs.

Only $4.16 per issue. That is 12% off.

Dog & Kennel -- 6 issues

The magazine for Dog Lovers and Enthusiasts! Training, health care, feeding, grooming, bonding, events and the enjoyment of owning dogs. The culture and enjoyment of our canine companions. Entertaining and informative.

Only $2.50 per issue. That is 37% off.

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